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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.12, February 2021


1. [News] Azbil Vietnam’s new Expat for Control System Business

2. [Technical Notes] Azbil Positioners can be applied for other manufacturers’ control valves

3. [Bulletins] Azbil launches Early Warning System Software globally

[News] Azbil Vietnam’s new Expat for Control System Business

Azbil Vietnam introduces our new Expat for Control System business, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki (山崎 学). Mr Yamazaki has been joining us since January 2021. We have a short interview with him as follows.

Q. Could you please introduce about yourself?

A. I am Manabu Yamazaki, 55 years old. I was graduated with master degree from Yokohama National University, majored in Chemical Engineering. I have been working for Azbil Corporation (Japan) in Project System Engineering for more than 30 years. I specialized in design of batch control, therefore my customers come mostly from Food & Beverage, Pharma & Chemical plants.

Joining Azbil Vietnam, I am working in IED (Instrumentation Engineeirng Department).

Q. Could you introduce about your organization IED?

A. We would like to supply our solution system to customer worldwide, 1st priority on Asia. IED is determined as a global engineering team. We have to 2 goals:

1. Improve the working quality of global engineering team. We’re going to create the working standard and expand it through OJT (on job training). The standard is based on Japan one but shall be modified to suit the oversea environment.

2. Expand the system business in Asia


Q. Could you share your working method or mottos?

A. I always work with a feeling for the customers and quality first.

I want all members to think about customer situation, put themselves in customer’s role for the better communication. And I believe the face to face communication is better.

Q. Could you tell us a memorable work?

A. I did join too many PJs in my career but I don’t try to remember any specific one in the past because the most important work for me is the present Projects.

Q. Could you share your messages to Customers in Vietnam?

A. Azbil can total solution to customers from field instrument to IoT.

Azbil is the unique vendor / supplier / partner because:

– We have a wide range of products & system solutions (valves, instrument, control system, IoT solutions…) so we could supply the one stop service for any needs from customers

– We can follow the life cycle of the product & system (from design to procurement to engineering to T&C to maintenance)

Please contact us for any problem or issue.


[Technical Notes] Azbil Positioners can be applied for other manufacturers’ control valves

We have 160 standard types of mounting brackets for control valves from 12 manufacturers, in addition to brackets for our own control valves. Our positioners can also be mounted on models that are not listed in the table below. Please feel free to contact one of our sales or service representatives.

See more about our Smart Positioners lineup here.

[Bulletins] Azbil launches “Early Warning System Software” globally

Online Anomaly Monitoring System detect the sign of abnormal behavior at an early stage with the eyes of the machine (AI).

Detection in the Indication Phase helps to prevent manufacturing problems, such as delays in delivery, loss of raw materials and a sudden stop in the factory or plant due to machine breakdown.


Three important merits of the Early Warning System

1. Constantly monitors/predicts trends even though the operator’s attention has slackened, and enhances the operator’s ability to notice abnormalities.

2. Enables the operator to respond calmly well in advance, because the system displays the predicted time when the control value will reach the alarm threshold.

3. Enables detection of fluctuations that cannot be detected by the DCS alarm system

See more here.



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