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Azbil Vietnam Co.,Ltd organized training courses for leadership and basic work skills

Leadership and to be a Leader

From 21 to 25 December 2020, Azbil organized two training courses: management and leadership skills for Team Leaders; and basic working skills and corporate culture for all internal staffs. Both courses are designed based on combining theory and practice, thereby helping employees to better the necessary skills to effective response work demands in this current digital age.

Basic work skills training and corporate culture

Through the introduction of innovative concepts and perspectives on management and leadership embedded in practical business context, the trainees had interesting experience and lessons to perform important duties as a manager or team leader.

Purpose of the course is to help team leaders:
* Clearly understand the roles, responsibilities and duties as a manager or team leader in operating achieve targets.
* Thoroughly master the manager or team leader’s roles, responsibilities, and essential skills to achieve goals as well as create a dynamic, productive and comfortable working environment that encourages members to prove their individual ability.
* Basically, understand and apply skills on staff managing &training, group conflict resolving; key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring; employees motivating; risk identifying and managing, problem solving.


Classes took place in a very exciting atmosphere through lectures focusing on 4 basic topics:
* Skills on making reports to help employees have clear, informative and timely reports.
* Basic skills on planning and problem-solving to help employees define targets, list tasks, and manage deadlines.
* Skills on teamwork to help employees set team’s targets, have effective communication, improve leadership ability, assign tasks, manage conflicts and connect members.
* And finally, the difference between Japanese and Vietnamese corporate cultures to help new employees have a more general view before joining the company.

After attending the course, all trainees highly appreciated the knowledge and management skills needed for their work. They had the opportunities to share their owned personalities and experiences. At the same time, they also received practical management experiences from lecturer and their colleagues, had more motivation to get through challenges in their work and life as well as explore their owned weaknesses to take timely and effective improvement measures.