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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.11, January 2021


1. [News] Azbil Vietnam met Hue City President

2. [Technical Notes] With Auto Setup, Azbil Smart Positioners are easy to operate


[News] Azbil Vietnam met Hue City President

Azbil Vietnam’s Team (led by Mr. General Director Yusaku Michinobu) had been visiting Hue City’s Committee Office on 8th December 2020. In a meeting with Hue City President, Mr. Hoang Hai Minh, Azbil has introduced about its relationship with Hue City in the past through a JICA project on Clean Water Distribution. Since then, Azbil always tries to find an opportunity to engage, to collaborate and to contribute to the development of the city. This time, Azbil presented about its solutions on “Smart City” for many applications on the city’s infrastructure.

In response to Azbil’s presentation, Hue City President, Mr. Hoang Hai Minh, had updated Hue’s progress on the Smart City target. The city has established a data center who has been the leading one in data collection, AI application for checking, founding and implementing the penalties of traffic / environment / construction laws violations. Today, Hue City is focusing on smart education, health care, tourism, digitalization and electronic government for a sustainable development.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Michinobu thanked for Mr. Minh’s warm greeting. Mr. Minh hopes that two parties could contribute its own strengths to build up a mutual development in the near future.

Source: https://huecity.gov.vn/TrangChu/NewCatId/64/NewVid/24590

[Technical Notes] With Auto Setup, Azbil Smart Positioners are easy to operate

Adjustment of mechanical positioners has a reputation for taking a long time and being difficult. You have probably experienced many problems while adjusting mechanical positioners in the field, such as adjusting the zero point and span while checking the valve travel, or adjusting the restriction to stop hunting.

A Smart Valve Positioner 300 or 200 Series can solve such problems. The automatic adjustment function of these products (auto setup) can dramatically shorten the time required for adjustments, enabling you on the same occasion to adjust the zero point and span, select the optimal kinetic parameters to stop hunting, and set the actuator to be direct acting or reverse acting, all using just one screwdriver. We have transformed the conventional bothersome positioners into user-friendly positioners that can easily be set for various operations.



We hope our Smart Valve Positioner 300/200 Series will help you by making optimal adjustment fast and easy.

See more about our Smart Positioners lineup here.


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