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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.21, November 2022


1. [News] Azbil Vietnam’s Seminar in Hanoi in November 2022
2. [Technical Notes] Azbil introduces Early Warning System


Azbil Vietnam’s Seminar in Hanoi in November 2022

On 4th November, Azbil Vietnam organized a Seminar for customers in Automotive and Electronic market at Novotel Hanoi Hotel, Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi. This was an important event after 2 years intermittent due to the Covid pandemic. We were honored to welcome nearly 40 loyal customers to attend, experience Azbil’s demo products and discuss on Azbil’s new products & solutions.

Azbil’s Products for Industrial Automation & Solutions for Utility (Energy Saving) by Mr. Ninh Van Tuan

Introduction of Vortex Flowmeter, Remote seal DP transmitter with Exchangeable Flange adapter by Mr. Vu Trong Manh

Introduction of Early Warning System by Mr. Toshiki Abe

As one of the corporations with a long history in the industrial automation industry for fields from light industry such as food industry, industrial gas, building automation to heavy industries such as steel and chemical industry, Azbil Group has been trying to produce and supply the best products to the market while contributing to the development of Vietnam’s industries and economy.

During the past 2 years with many fluctuations due to the epidemic situation, Azbil Vietnam has continuously made efforts to bring to the market the best products and services.

Azbil Vietnam would like to express our sincerest thanks for our customer’s presence and sharing opinions in the seminar so that we will have better seminars in the future.




Azbil introduces Early Warning System

The Early Warning System for time series data provides easy automatic monitoring of critical process variables, predicts future fluctuations, and visualizes predicted future fluctuations in a trend graph. If the system predicts that future fluctuation will reach a critical control value, it issues a predictive alarm to make the operator aware of the situation.

The Early Warning System also helps operators to respond appropriately well in advance by displaying predicted future trends and time of occurrence.

Features of the Early Warning System:

✓ Automatically collecting data and predicting the future trend of single variable data using the AR model.

✓ Low-cost system. Monitored variables are easy to add or modify.

✓ Improving the operator’s ability to notice abnormalities.

✓ A software application, it is dependent of the DCS.

✓ Up to 300 critical process variables can be used on the system.

Please check out the Product detail here: Early Warning System

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