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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.28, November 2023


1. [News] Azbil Vietnam’s Seminar in Hanoi in November 2023
2. [Application Notes] Azbil introduces Control Valve Maintenance Support System


Azbil Vietnam’s Seminar in Hanoi, November 2023

On 3rd November, Azbil Vietnam organized a Seminar for customers in Industrial Automation market at Novotel Hanoi Hotel, Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi. We were honored to welcome more than 40 loyal customers to attend, experience Azbil’s demo products and discuss on Azbil’s new products & solutions.

Mr. Le Tuan Kien introduced azbil Group & Azbil Vietnam

In recent years, with our best efforts and sustainable cooperation from our customers, Azbil Vietnam has continuously consolidated to bring to the market the best products and support services.

When talking about Azbil products in the industrial automation industry, we cannot help but mention Abzil’s control valve and smart valve positioner. Our products can be described with 3 words: Durable, Easy to Use and Cost-Saving. Azbil’s smart valve positioner can be compatible with control valves of all brands on the market.

Mr. Ninh Van Tuan introduced Azbil’s control valve and smart valve positioner

Mr. Nguyen Chi Bao introduced Azbil’s control valve design & maintenance service

Mr. Tokunaga introduced Eliminate Valve Problems with Azbil Valve Diagnostics



















                    Mr. Vu Trong Manh introduced examples of online diagnosis and offline diagnosis



Azbil introduces Control Valve Maintenance Support System










Control Valve Maintenance Support System PLUG-IN Valstaff

Online monitoring of smart valve positioners’ diagnostic parameters during plant operation.

Strong support for early detection of control valve’s being in poor condition, appropriate maintenance planning, and efficient maintenance operation.

Whole-plant optimization with Azbil’s innovative automation technology

Control valves with over 80 years of proven reliability. Azbil’s smart valve positioners, equipped with the latest control valve diagnostic algorithms, were developed to further streamline maintenance and reduce plant operation costs.

Please check out the Product detail here: Control Valve Maintenance Support System

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