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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.23, January 2023


1. [News] Azbil VorTek’s Pro-V Inline Vortex Flow Meter Model M24 Wins Honorable Mention for Process Instrumentation Magazine’s 2022 Innovation Award
2. [Application Notes] Azbil Magnetic Flowmeter feature: Perforated Plate in lining – Resistant to Disturbance


Azbil VorTek’s Pro-V Inline Vortex Flow Meter Model M24 Wins Honorable Mention for Process Instrumentation Magazine’s 2022 Innovation Award


Azbil VorTek’s Pro-V® Inline Vortex Flow Meter (Model M24) has received Honorable Mention for Process Instrumentation magazine’s 2022 Innovation Award. The winning products were voted for by readers and featured in the magazine’s November issue.

For over 20 years, the magazine’s Innovation Award has showcased products in the process instrumentation industry that feature the latest innovations and technology. This prestigious award also recognizes that nominated companies have focused on strengthening their R&D, especially for industrial process control solutions. This year, there were eleven products nominated and readers voted for the winner. The four runners-up were bestowed with the award for Honorable Mention.

The M24 is available worldwide and is sold by Azbil North America (ANA) under the product name Azbil Multivariable Flowmeter Model AX24. It’s the world’s first vortex flowmeter to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. This enables data and power to be delivered through a single cable, which both simplifies and reduces the cost of installation. This flowmeter is capable of volumetric or mass flow monitoring of most, liquids gases, and steam. Thanks to its multivariable design, the M24 offers volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, density, and energy (BTU) measurements from a single installed device.

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Originally known as Flow Control, the magazine was renamed Process Instrumentation in 2021 and the article appears in the inaugural issue. The publication is highly respected in the industry and has about 36,000 subscribers. The website receives about 36,000 visitors every month.



Azbil Magnetic Flowmeter Feature: Perforated Plat in Lining – Resistance to Disturbance

The measuring tube before molding lining with perforated plate. The perforated plate will stay in the fluorinated resin (lining material) to strengthen the liner. This structure is invented by Azbil (Yamatake Honeywell) and patented.

The perforated plate stays inside the lining material and behaves like iron rod of reinforced concrete. It brings strengthen against the external force applied to the lining material.


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