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Analyzing your energy data and proposing energy-saving measures. Solving your problems with Azbil’s energy solutions.

Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

BEMS is a system that facilitates management and control of building facilities while realizing energy saving and increasing comfortability of users of buildings at the same time by making full use of state-of-art information technology. BEMS is a Tool to Visualize Energy Consumption of Building and to Support Smarter Facility Operations.

  • BEMS function are Management, Control, and Measurement.
  • Total solution is PDCA activities + BEMS.



*BMS : Building Management System.

*EMS : Energy Management System.

*PCDA : Cycle Plan-Do-Check-Act.


Energy Management Service

Energy management service based on BOFD (Building Optimization Fault Detection Diagnosis) supported by BEMS is provided together with system maintenance service as part of “Total Energy Management Service” service.



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Energy Saving Application

Advanced Energy Solutions, wide selection.


  • Major Applications


VAV (Variable Air Volume) Control

VWV (Variable Water Volume) Control




VWT (Variable Water Temperature) Control

Packing Lot Ventilation Control



Free Cooling Control

Minimum Outdoor Air Intake Control



AHU Fan Inverter Control

Constant T&H Control



Energy Demand Control

Power Demand / Power Factor Control



  • Other Facilities Application



Duty Cycle Control | Light Stabilizer | Schedule Control | Window Bright Control | Chiller Optimal Control | Zero Energy Band Control | Set point Schedule | Critical Environment Control…


ESCO (Energy Service Company)

It may be the greatest worry for customers who are considering facility investment for curtailment of energy expenditure that they cannot be fully assured in advance whether a return on their investment is really yielded. ESCO service removes this worry as it guarantees energy cost reduction to a certain amount that will be set based on preliminary diagnoses.


  • Azbil Vietnam stand for energy saving solution provider, Inherit of history of ESCO in Japan from 1996.
  • Co-operation with customer to apply Comprehensive Services: Propose | Design and install | Maintain and manages | Service | Financial arrangement | Guarantee | Measurement and verification | Propose improvement.




Building Energy Management System(BEMS)

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Energy Management Service

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ESCO (Energy Service Company)

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