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Building Automation


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Azbil develops and manufactures an extensive range of building automation (BA) products. These products and accompanied services are provided through an integrated framework, ranging from instrumentation design to sales, engineering, maintenance and facility operation – management.



Azbil is involved in every phase of a building’s life cycle



From a sustainability perspective, we aim to achieve durable values for buildings through maintenance, renovation and energy solution.

Preventive maintenance to maximize the lifetime of equipment & system

A Keep performance by providing good maintenance (Preventive maintenance)

B Keep performance by providing spot maintenance

C Keep minimum performance by repairing system in case failure happened (Breakdown maintenance)

Renovation to keep up with standard requirement of safety, comfort, convenience and energy saving



We are proud of our skillful and dedicated employees who have been creating value with customer over the years since 2008 – a true Japan’s quality in Vietnam.