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Azbil Vietnam & Hanoi University of Science and Technology Implement Internship Program and Book Donation to Students

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – Sustainable development goals set by the United Nations towards solving social issues, realizing a future so that people around the world can live in a collaborative environment, peace and prosperity. It has gradually become a guidepost in the field of business and social responsibility, contribute to build a foundation for sustainable development.

With deeply aware of the importance of social responsibility mentioned above, Azbil Group as well as Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd (AVN) always try to organize activities under the premise of SDGs, make efforts to solve social problems.

Specifically in recent times, AVN and the Faculty of Control Engineering in Automation of Electricity and Electronics School (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) successfully cooperated in implementing internship program and book donation to students. This activity contributes a small part to the development of education in the country, increasing practicality, combining theory with practice and promoting learning opportunities for future generations.

The internship program took place from November 15th, 2022 to February 14th, 2023.

The main content of the internship is to build the SavicNet G5 BMS Demo Model Kit under the guidance, supervision and support of the AVN engineers. Especially, the direct instructor to students was Mr. Vo Thanh Hai is a senior engineer with more than 10 years of working experience and training staff who is in charge of company’s big projects. He is also former student of that university.

At Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd, students participated in creating a Demo model of the building control system. They had opportunities to join in the company’s working environment. During the internship period, students were also provided by the company with tools, materials and equipment related to the model building. In addition, the instructors and engineers explained and answered questions and content whenever interns did not understand.

After 3 months of a successful internship program, students had a great working experience at the company. They were required to conduct reports on the internship result. The company also granted all students with certificate of internship, gave them comments and assessments on March 9th.
















Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd always hopes the internship program for students will be a long-term annual activity between the company and the universities. It is expected that the company will plan to welcome interns in the next terms and will be implemented by businesses registering on the school’s training management software, conducting interviews with students before accepting them.

Book donation program for students
















Besides, Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd donated 100 books named “Instructions on Design of Building Management Systems” to the bookcase of the Faculty of Control Engineering and Automation, which will be useful documents for the specialized books at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The book was written and designed by senior experts who have extensive experiences in the field of building management systems of Azbil Corporation. It provides students with an overview of the system solution and basic knowledge in building automation design.