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[Azbil Vietnam] Newsletter Vol.22, December 2022


1. [Greeting] HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023
2. [Application Notes] Azbil Magnetic Flowmeter feature: Mirror Surface Lining – Resistant to Disturbance





Dear Valued Customers,

Azbil Vietnam would like to wish you continued success in the New Year 2023 and beyond. We appreciate your strong support during the whole year 2022. Covid-19 has passed but its impacts still exist and affect to our life and business. We hope all of us could be always strong and resilient for a better future.




Azbil Magnetic Flowmeter Feature: Mirror Surface Lining – Resistance to Disturbance

The liner of Azbil’s magnetic flowmeter is manufactured in house and the surface roughness is well controlled. The surface roughness of liner affects to the adhesion of the dirt which may cause the reading error or other trouble of flowmeter. Smooth surface like mirror makes well adhesion resistance, lengthen the maintenance period to remove the scales and brings longer life of the detector.

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