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On October 23rd, 2022, Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in JCCI Ekiden Running Race – 2022. A sunny and cool weather seemed to cheer our runners to complete the race successfully.

Ekiden is a format of relay race which has origin from Japan a long time ago. In this race, participants will run and pass the Tasuki relay ribbon to other members at specified points. Final result is the total running time of all members. Tasuki is a symbol of solidarity, friendship, and connection between people.

This is the 5th year the event has been held and is recognized as one of the large-scale events, with the participation of runners from Japanese businesses who have been living and working in Hanoi, regardless of gender or age.

Competition format of this year: Relay racing – 4 runners x 3.3 km

Location: Yen So Park, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City

Number of participants: 53 teams, including 212 runners, in which Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. has 2 teams: AVN_1-Fun Run and AVN_2-Extra Fun Run.

7:00 AM, Mr. Yusaku Michinobu – General Director of Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd & Head of Organizing committee of the race gave an introductory statement and event start.

After that, all runners and organization team joined in the vibrant rhythm of the warm-up exercise instructed by the coaches from the California Fitness Center.

7:30 AM, the referee gave starting signal, 53 teams started racing on the track at Yen So Park.

With great efforts of runners, 2 teams of Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. have achieved results over expectation.

Team Achievements:

+ Team 1 AVN_1-Fun Run: 12th/53

+ Team 2 AVN_2-Extra Fun Run: 24th/53

Individual Achievements: 2nd prize for the first round – Mr. Phan Thanh Dong – Department of BA-HCM

The race took place successfully, Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. also achieved certain marks, shared the impressive images of the company to the Organizing Committee as well as all participating teams.

Below are pictures of Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd in this competition: