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On the company trip to the Da Nang coastal city from June 10 to 12, Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. held a football tournament in 2022 to improve health, encourage exercise and sports movements, as well as connect all employees of the company after a long time of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.















Attending this year’s tournament, there are more than 40 players divided into 4 teams including:

– Hanoi office team

– SE2 Department team

– IED Department team

– Ho Chi Minh Sales and Engineering Department team

Each match lasts 30 minutes. Teams draw to split pairs, the 2 winners advance to final.  As expected, all players have shown their sportsmanship, their passion for football and especially their desire to win. They gave everything, worked their socks off on a truly hot, sunny afternoon in the Central Vietnam and performed unforgettable entertaining matches for those who witnessed. In all fairness, the referee role was also highly appreciated on the day.





With the enthusiastic cheering of many staffs who came and the dedication of the participating teams, the tournament took place with great excitement and great success with the following results:

– First prize: Hanoi office team

– Second prize: IED Department team

– Third prize: SE2 and Ho Chi Minh Sales + Engineering Department team

– Best Player Award: Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Hanoi Sales Department

Because the company has two offices, the football tournament is organized not only to encourage the health exercise movement, but also an activity to strengthen solidarity and exchange between departments of Hanoi office and Ho Chi Minh branch.