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Industrial Automation

Package Solution


We provide energy-saving solutions to optimize your energy consumption or any automation control solution needed.

Energy saving / Energy management system

Azbil could provide total optimization control (RENKEI control) of utility facilities so that the efficiency of entire facilities improves, reducing energy cost and CO2 emission. It does not require expensive new equipment, and can be expected to provide a good return on investment due to its control and optimization technology. Today, all companies are pressured by stricter demands for reduced CO2 emission. Our system, with its very high return on investment for CO2 reduction, can help customers to meet the challenge.


Gas heat value chromatograph analyzers

Azbil supplies a compact heat value analyzer, which is ideal for various natural gas applications including efficiency calculation of gas turbines and gas combustors and monitoring of boiler efficiency.





Tanks monitoring system

For tanks remote monitoring system (level, pressure); Azbil provides a solution for stable operation. Our system could be integrated into your production management system and satisfy all IoT demands (mobile devices connection, cloud server) nowadays.