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Industrial Automation

Process control systems, field instrument and control valves for industries such as Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Irons & Steels, Automotive, Food & Beverage and Public Utilities.


  • PetroChemical
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Metal & Steels
  • Pulps & Papers
  • Automotive
  • Water
  • Infrastructures


Plants or Factories’ Control and Management Systems with customization by our unique Local Engineering Organization.

  • Industrial Systems

    Industrial Systems

    We supply DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC-SCADA, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or EMS (Energy Management Systems) with strong Local Engineering Organization.

  • Engineering


    Azbil Vietnam has a strong global engineering resource, which works closely with Azbil Head Quarter for a wide range of projects all around the world.


Control Valves, Field Instruments, Controllers, Combustion devices or Component products such as Switches, Photo sensors…

  • Control Valves

    Control Valves

    Globe | Cage | Eccentric Rotary | Angle | Anti-corrosion | Cryogenic | Special Control Valves | Positioners | Valves Accessories

  • Combustion safety and Control Systems

    Combustion safety and Control Systems

    Burner Controllers | UV Flame Detectors | Gas Solenoid Valves | Combustion Safety Devices

  • Sensors & Switches

    Sensors & Switches

    Photoelectric | Proximity | Limit Switches | Seismic Sensors

  • Flow Measurement

    Flow Measurement

    Electro-magnetic | Vortex | Thermal Mass | Differential Pressure | Coriolis

  • Level & Temperature Measurement

    Level & Temperature Measurement

    Differential Pressure | Displacement | Immersion Level Meter Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

  • Pressure Measurement

    Pressure Measurement

    Gauge | Absolute | Differential | Diaphragm Seal | Multivariable

  • Controllers & Recorders

    Controllers & Recorders

    PID Single Loop Controllers | Network Controllers

Solution & Services

Azbil Vietnam supports the whole Life Cycle from Designing, Procurement, Engineering, Test & Commissioning, Maintenance and Kaizen.

  • Package Solution

    Package Solution

    We provide energy-saving solutions to optimize your energy consumption or any automation control solution needed.

  • Services


    To ensure that our customers satisfaction and safety operation, we provide a comprehensive range of maintenance support, covering everything from field devices to DCS.